Siemens Acuson P50 is a MacBook Pro pimped for medical use

James Allan Brady - Nov 27, 2007

Germany’s Siemens dropped a medical bomb recently with the showing of this magnificent MacBook Pro. Personally I think these notebooks are small works of art without addition, but adding an ultrasound machine is an amazing feat.

Furthermore, it doesn’t add too much girth to the laptop, well, at least not for a freaking ultrasound machine. You can still use the MBP as a regular notebook with web surfing, email, all that usual stuff, but there is the added hardware for the Ultrasound machine, and there is some added software for the same.

This would be great for emergency situations, field applications, or anywhere else where it would normally be impossible to get an ultrasound machine. If I were a doctor, I’d definitely want one, I kind of wonder what it would cost, but I have found that in the medical world, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

New Laptop For Doctors Does Ultrasound [via therawfeed]

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