Sidekick Slide reviewed

Well, with Mr. Rubin in the news a lot, one of the creators of Danger, the Sidekick mobile device manufacturer, lets take a look at a Sidekick that wasn't from his former company, the Sidekick Slide made by Motorola. The Motorola phone doesn't differ too much in the software department, it still uses the same OS as its Danger-made counterparts, but its screen doesn't flip, it slides upward.

Overall, they liked it, the main thing they like was the aesthetics of the actual device, the way it looked, was shaped, stuff like that. They had some issues with the keyboard, and they kind of wished they had stuck with the rotating screen instead of the sliding one, but other than that, they liked it.

They mentioned that it doesn't have all the media features and such of the LX, and that the Slide also gets better reception, but they did kind of like the AQUOS screens on the Sharp Sidekick models. The trackball was also a little too recessed for their liking, but overall they liked it, and the gentleman doing the review suspected that after a couple days of adjustment time, he will like it even more, and some of the nit pick issues will subside.

Sidekick Slide review [via CrunchGear]