Sidekick Slide Back At T-Mobile

It's like a game of red light, green light with this phone, but its back for now at T-Mobile. They had some issues with the battery/connectors when they were first released, but presumably, if they are selling them again, those are fixed.

It's still the same price, $199.99 after you sign a 2-year contract and get the discount from that. So, if you want you can go buy one now.

I have yet to be able to get my hands on one of these, but I got the Sidekick LX for review, and I freakin loved that thing, I am dead serious when I say that if I had better T-Mobile coverage locally, I would drop my other phone contracts right now, early termination fees and all and go get myself a Sidekick LX. The Slide is rumored to be just as good, but a little less bulky, and obviously the screen opens up differently. I'd definitely recommend getting one of them, they are awesome.

Sidekick Slide returns on T-Mobile [via boygeniusreport]