Sidekick ID picks garish over glossy

I had high hopes for the Sidekick ID.  It looked like it would take the strengths of the SK3 (look for a review of the UK version here on SlashGear very soon!) and package them in a smaller, more dedicated handset.  Perhaps something that executives and business folk wouldn't feel embarrassed to whip out in a meeting and peck at; after all, that keyboard is one of the best around.  But they seem to have decided to give it the cellphone equivalent of lycra running shorts.


A prematurely published rebate form on the T-Mobile US site spills the colourful beans, as well as news that the parred-down messenger will cost a reasonable $99 after a $50 rebate.  Expect it to drop on April 18th.

Engadget [via Gizmodo]