Sidekick 3 coming to the UK - Update!

All those UK Sidekick addicts who are patiently waiting for the third incarnation of the device to hit our shores might be interested in the news that T-Mobile UK will likely release it in December this year, according to a trusted source with the username Ajax on the What Mobile forums.

Read on after the cut for more T-Mobile UK launch scheduling...

Early November:

Samsung E900 Black (Silver in january)

Samsung Z560

Samsung D900

MDA Compact III

Sony Ericsson M600i Silver

Sony Ericsson K800i brown

Nokia 5300

Nokia 7373

Nokia E50

Early December:

Nokia N73

N73 & Co Pilot

Danger Side Kick III

Some nice changes to PAYG, free WnW for new customers and £5 each month will buy unlimited calls & texts to 5 friends for 5 days each month.

Some other tweaks (top up £10, get £5 free) etc, etc.

Also tarrif down grades are 6 months, not 9 (incase its been missed)

What Mobile forum [thanks to Dan for the tip]