Sick of Buying a New Phone Every Two Years?

James Allan Brady - Jul 10, 2007

The chairman of the FCC is too. Wireless services providers are generally the first in line to purchase new wireless spectrum’s when they come up for sale. Well guess what, with TV going digital the 700 MHz band is about to become very empty.

The chairman is trying to make it so that anyone who buys into this band has to allow open or “unlocked” phones and allow users to download anything they want to said devices (except for illegal stuff or anything that could harm the network).

wifi logo

Apparently he is not pleased with the current US market for cell phones where features such as WiFi have been stripped from phones for years just so service providers can keep customers using their fee based services.

Now all we can do is hope that these proposed rules go through.

New rules could rock wireless world [via usatoday]

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