Shuttle XPC Barebone SH55J2 SFF PC content with Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs

Chris Davies - Jul 22, 2010, 7:21 am CDT
Shuttle XPC Barebone SH55J2 SFF PC content with Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs

Shuttle’s latest small-form-factor PC has been unveiled, and the XPC Barebone SH55J2 manages to offer compatibility with Intel’s Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 CPU ranges.  The first machine to support all socket 1156 Core variants, the SH55J2 is compatible with the onboard GPU found in certain Core i3 and i5 processors, and has both HDMI and VGA outputs; alternatively a PCI Express socket can take a dual-slot discrete graphics card.

Ports include nine USB 2.0, an eSATA/USB combo connector, analog and S/PDIF audio, gigabit ethernet and a multiformat memory card reader.  Inside there’s a 3.5-inch hard-drive bay and a 5.25-inch optical drive bay.  The supplied PSU is a 300W unit, and there’s a heatpipe cooling system.

The Shuttle XPC Barebone SH55J2 is available in Europe now, priced at €251 ($320).  Obviously you’ll also need to budget for a processor, hard-drive and DDR3 RAM if you want a working system.

Press Release:

Mini-PC for current Intel Core processors

Shuttle XPC Barebone SH55J2 supports Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core

Shuttle Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of
multi-form-factor solutions such as the world-famous XPC Mini-PC
Barebones, today announces the launch of its new XPC Barebone SH55J2.
Now, for the first time, a single Mini-PC supports all Intel Core
variants for socket 1156.

From today, the SH55J2 brings you a Mini-PC platform which utilizes
all the features of the new Intel Core series – whether it is the
integrated HD graphics chip, the turbo boost function or two and four
CPU cores. The energy-efficient processor generation is ideally suited
for Mini-PCs.

The HDMI interface can be activated using many Core i3 and Core i5
processors with integrated graphics function. Even playback of HD
video is possible with it. A VGA connector to use a second monitor is
also available. Both high-resolution picture and sound are transmitted
digitally via HDMI. If enhanced graphics performance is required or a
processor with no graphics function is used, then the PCI Express slot
can be fitted with a faster dual-slot graphics card.

What’s more, the Shuttle XPC Barebone SH55J2 also has a total of nine
USB ports, an eSATA/USB combo connector, audio ports (analog and
SPDIF), a Gigabit network interface, a PCI slot and a card reader.
Inside the case is space for two 3.5 inch hard disks and a 5.25 inch
optical drive.

Its 80 PLUS certified power supply unit with a 300-watt output offers
sufficient reserve capacity for sophisticated system components. The
SH55J2 is also cooled via a heatpipe cooling system with speed
controller. Anti-theft protection is provided by a Kensington lock at
the back of the case.

The Shuttle XPC Barebone SH55J2 is available from specialist
retailers in Europe immediately. Shuttle’s recommended retail price is
251 Euros (ex. VAT).

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