Shure AONIC 50 wireless headphones get a new color, holiday price

Headphones have traditionally been treated as utilitarian accessories designed to drown out the world's noise while you revel in your music. These days, however, they have also become extensions of our personalities, designed to look good on your head as much as they sound good in your ears. No one design fits all, of course, but some accessory makers don't have the resources to put out different variants of a product. Fortunately, Shure isn't just any accessory maker and the audio expert is proudly adding a third color option to its first-ever wireless headphones, the AONIC 50.

Shure is one of those names that seem to have been there for as long as speakers, microphones, and other audio equipment have existed. Its name is emblazoned across numerous products that cater to studio pros, music legends, and regular consumers. A few months ago, it made the jump into the world of wireless headphones with the AONIC 50 which it is now expanding in a small but important way.

Previously available only in Black or Brown options, the AONIC 50 now comes in a White/Tan hue. This expansion reflects the company's commitment to make the headphones a lifestyle choice more than just a tool, trying to appeal to as many tastes as possible.

Despite the change in color, the new White/Tan option still boasts of the same set of features that earlier AONIC 50 models have. That means the same noise-canceling technology that Shure is very proud of, juxtaposed with its Environment Mode that lets the world's natural sounds in. Touch controls offer all the power you need for both music and voice calls, while the ShurePlus PLAY mobile app lets you customize and personalize your experience, down to the voice prompts you hear when you power the headphones on or off.

To celebrate the arrival of the new White/Tan option, not to mention to prepare for the holidays, Shure is offering the AONIC 50 with a steep discount. Until November 30, the Shure AONIC 50 will sell for only $299 instead of the regular $399, more than a 30% price cut that applies to any color you choose.