Should I Become A Google Glass Explorer?

So, it happened: Google e-mailed me last week and asked me if I'd like to join the Glass Explorer program. Although I immediately jumped at the chance to become of the few Explorers, I took a step back when I looked at the $1,500 price tag (before tax) and tried to decide whether it's really worth it right now.

There's no debating that Glass is a really cool technology. All you need to do is visit Google's Glass page to discover that not only does it offer unique functionality, it can become a family's best friend, capturing experiences parents would like to see again and again long after their children have grown and moved out.

But there's another side to Google Glass. The technology is decidedly in its earliest stages, and just last week Google said that it would no longer be focusing on the first-generation hardware, prompting its current Explorers to jump at the chance to get the latest version. Yes, you can stick with the original Glass, but Google makes no promises about continuing support for it, making the free swap a no-brainer.

What happens after that, when the latest and greatest option is made available next year, however, is anyone's guess.

[aquote]As a tech addict, my first reaction to buy now and worry about value later[/aquote]

Now, as a tech addict, my first reaction is always to buy the device now and worry about its value to my life later. But at $1,500 for a device that isn't even available to the general public, I couldn't help but wonder if my obsession with being an early adopter might come back to haunt me in this case.

With $1,500, I can do a lot. I can buy one or two new computers, pick up several tablets, or buy new consoles with games. In other words, instead of just one device sitting on the bridge of my nose, I can use that cash to buy all kinds of stuff that could keep me company for much longer than Glass.

Although it seems like I might be talking myself out of this purchase, I'm truly not. The pros and cons surrounding the device makes me feel, well, confused. And that alone makes me want to find out from you whether I should take the plunge and spend the cash for Explorer or wait until the final product ships and I have something I know I'll like and can justify its hefty price tag.

Undoubtedly, some of the Google fans will chime in, saying that not getting the Explorer now would be a mistake. The Google haters will have some not-so-nice things to say about the technology.

But what I need is to hear from the objective folks – those who have no skin in the game and understand the plight of a tech addict who wants to say yes, but is having a hard time with it.

So enough from me. If you'd be so kind, tell me if it's even practical for me to be a Google Explorer right now and if I should plunk down the cash for the eyewear. I'm a lost, confused Explorer-elect. And I don't know what to do.