ShopAlerts By AT&T Sends Location-Based Text Ads

Rue Liu - Feb 28, 2011
ShopAlerts By AT&T Sends Location-Based Text Ads

AT&T is preparing to step beyond typical carrier duties, by launching a new location-based text ad service. The carrier will be sending out text ads such as coupons and other special offers to subscribed customers based on their locations as detected by their phones. The program will start only in certain metropolitan areas including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco.

The new program is called “ShopAlerts by AT&T” and large discount chain Kmart has already signed up. This means that subscribers that are nearby a Kmart could receive text message deals for Kmart. Other participating companies that have signed up early include HP, SC Johnson, Kibbles ‘n Bits, Nature’s Recipe, and the “Got Milk” campaign.

However, the new service is only able to detect locations within one mile from the subscriber, which means subscribers will not know if there is a coupon or deal until they get very close to their destination. Local weather and traffic information will also be included in the texts. To subscribe, you can visit AT&T’s ShopAlerts site.

[via USA Today]

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