Shooter Ultimate brings kid-safe free play to PS4

This week the folks at Pixel Junk have teamed up with Sony to bring the game Shooter Ultimate to the PlayStation 4 for free. This game is digital-only and free to all subscribers of PlayStation Plus. Inside you'll find yourself piloting a tiny spaceship that's tasked with picking up tiny humans.

The game's concept is extremely similar to what you'll find in Resogun, another spaceship-based kid-friendly title for PS4. In Shooter Ultimate you're centering in on water and fire effects rather than living in a TRON-inspired universe.

Pixel Junk have clearly spent massive amount of time making certain this title looks and feels worth more than a few button presses and joystick jabs. Instead, we've found ourselves unable to stop playing without being jabbed with a stick repeatedly.

This game is entirely free to pay on the PlayStation 4 starting this week just so long as you've got a PlayStation Plus account. Make with the tapping and let us know if you're enjoying the game for yourself today!