Shoka Bell helps bicyclists navigate and secure their bikes

A new device has landed on Kickstarter that aims directly at the bicyclists out there that use a bicycle to get around. The device is called the Shoka Bell and it can work like a bike bell only instead of little dings and rings, it uses an app to provide different ringtones to alert cars and pedestrians that you are there. The device can also help you navigate around unfamiliar areas.

The navigation system is designed to help you find the safest route and syncs to your phone via Bluetooth. Nav offers real-time warnings about busy junctions and can access a database of wisdom offered by local cyclists. The Shoka Bell will give arrows on its mesh surface when you are navigating using your phone and it will warn of busy intersections.

The ringtones for warning people you are there claim to be twice as loud as a normal bell and the device can hold eight different tones. Shoka Bell also works as an automatic front light designed to glow in dark environments to warn drivers and bicyclists that you are there.

Another feature is that the bell can be used as a motion alert to warn you if someone is tampering with your bike so you can come out and try to stop them. Shoka Bell is on Kickstarter seeking $75,000 and has raised over $175,000 as of writing with six days to go on the project. A pledge of $129 or more will get you one Shoka Bell with two mounts for different bikes. A pledge of $189 or more will get you two Shoka Bells. Shipping is estimated to happen in March 2017.

SOURCE: Kickstarter