Sh*tter turns your twitter feed into TP

If ever company deserved millions in startup funding, this is it. The company is called Sh*tter. That name alone would wrangle venture capital out of my wallet. Sure, the company may not make it, but at least if someone asks how investments are going I can say straight down the sh*tter and truly mean it. I particularly like the company tagline, "social media has never been so disposable."

What the company does is take your twitter feed along with $35 and turn it into four rolls of toilet paper. I think this would be the perfect holiday gift for the angry RIM exec that wants nothing more than to wipe his bum with all the haters on twitter. I wonder if it single ply or dual ply paper.

It appears that you can read the twitter feed clearly on the roll paper while you take care of business. Sure $35 is a lot of money for four rolls of toilet paper, but the gag gift value is monstrously high. The idea sprang from a four person developer collective that call themselves Collector's Edition.

[via Venturebeat]