Ship in a bottle is made from Lego

My dad had a ship in a whisky jug sitting on the bar at our house when I was a kid. I looked at that thing more times than I can count trying to figure out how exactly they got the ship inside the bottle. Julie Morley has taken that ship in a bottle and made it a bit geekier by building the ship out of Lego. She even made us a time-lapse video so we can see how she made it.

The jug she used was just the right size for a bottle of pirate rum and to hold the Lego boat. She made her own building tools out of what appear to be wooden sticks with small Lego bricks glued to the tip. She could put one stick in to hold the ship steady and another stick with the parts attached to build the model up.

She says that the entire build process took her about three days to construct. She also notes that it took a week of planning and a large number of expletives to pull off. Check out the video below to see the build and the finished project.

[via Brothers Brick]