Shiny Pokemon GO - what's out today?

Despite the cold snap that's cracked upon the midwest this week, Pokemon GO's next event is live! The event is "Distracted by Something Shiny," and it contains a Shiny Celebi. If you're all about completing Special Research VS Jessie and/or James 4x times, you'll find a Shiny Celebi awaiting you in a reward encounter.

The Special Research story called Distracted by Something Shiny is not guided by the same hero as we usually see. Professor Willow is on a break. Instead, you'll see Jessie and James speaking to you and kicking you into gear all the way through Buddy treats, transfers, evolutions, curveballs, and hatching of eggs.

In special research

Through the course of this Special Research you'll attain encounters with Nuzleaf, Cottonee, Diglett, Pinsir, Hoothoot, Whimsicott, and Vibrava. The final set of tasks includes reward encoutners with Oddish, Foongus, and the distinct possibility of a Shiny Celebi.

This event can also deliver a Shiny Shadow Scyther if you beat the right Team Rocket Jessie. There's also a chance that your encounter with Pinsir after Team Rocket James will be a Shiny Shadow Pinsir.

Shiny Raid Bosses

The only raid bosses that can not appear as a Shiny Pokemon after you've won right now are Nuzzleaf, Flygon, and Kyurem. Every single other Pokemon that currently appears as a Raid Boss can potentially appear SHINY after you win.

That includes the special adventure Pikachu, Exeggcute, Mawile, Roggenrola, and Rufflet. You'll also potentially find a Shiny Lickitung, Chansey, Pinsir, Durant, and the MEGA Pokemon – Charizard X, Gengar, and Abomasnow, all potentially Shiny.

A couple others

There's a special Shiny Jungle Explorer Pikachu out in the wild right now – you'll need to keep tapping every single one you see in order to get the chance to find that special one!

Watch out for Jessie and James in photos too – they'll photobomb you then you'll find a Wobuffet out in the wild. Not the best prize in the world – but still – there it is!