Shiny Pokemon GO update: What's out now

Today we're taking a peek at what's available as a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO here in the first month of the year 2021. This list includes all the Pokemon that've been made shiny recently – with a tiny list of the rest that might still appear Shiny out in the wild. We start approximately 45 days ago, when the Pokemon GO universe FINALLY brought Goldeen into the Shiny fold.

Shint Goldeen was released on November 23, 2020 – that's a while ago, at this point – so it's concievable that it might not be as common as it was when it was released for the Go Beyond event. In any case, Shiny Goldeen is now and forevermore in the Pokemon GO universe, attainable indeed!

The December 13, 2020 event brought out the Shiny Rufflet. For the movie event on that date, Rufflet appeared in Shiny Form in great numbers for a relatively short time. You can still attain Rufflet in Pokemon GO in shiny form at this point, but it's a whole lot more difficult than it once was.

The Cubchoo Shiny release was 21 days ago – on the 17th of December, 2020. This Pokemon wasn't particularly easy to find normally, but once the event started on "Cold Weekend," this Pokemon popped up en masse!

Starting on January 5, 2021, a big Pokemon GO Unova event began. At that time, Shiny Snivy began to appear. As it generally is with Shiny Pokemon releases of most sorts, if the Shiny Pokemon you find is able to evolve, it'll continue to be Shiny through all evolutions – it'll never lose it's shine!

Take a peek at the timeline below to find a few more Shiny Pokemon GO updates from the past couple of weeks. There's a whole lot more Shiny Pokemon action coming up in the next month, too! Stay tuned as we dive into all the details!