Shiny Pokemon GO Tepig incoming: Community Day gets spicy

Pokemon GO has a Shiny Tepig incoming, courtesy of the next official Community Day in the game. The Shiny version of Tepig is significantly different from its standard edition. Where the original is orange with dark brown head and backside with red nose and tail, the Shiny Tepig has a pink nose and tail, light brown/maroon head and bottom, and a yellow body!

Shiny Tepig, Pignite, Emboar

The standard version of Pignite also has an orange body with dark brown and yellow accents with a red nose. The Shiny Pignite has a light orange body, pink nose, and dark gray and purple accents. The standard Emboar has an orange body with dark brown, yellow, and reddish-orange accents, with a red nose and an orange/yellow flame-wreathed neck.

Shiny Emboar has pretty much the same color body as its non-Shiny iteration, but replaces the dark brown, yellow, and reddish-orange accents with dark gray and shades of blue. Shiny Emboar has a blue nose and shades of blue for its flame wreathed neck, too!

Tepig Community Day

On July 3, 2021 there'll be a Tepig Community Day in Pokemon GO. From 11AM until 5PM (local time) Tepig will appear in far greater numbers in the wild than ever before. The likelihood that this Pokemon will appear as a Shiny Pokemon are far greater than normal – and there'll be bonuses aplenty.

This event features a boosted Incense and Lure time – 3 hours each!. There'll be 3x Catch Stardust and a special Community Bundle available in the in-game store. For a price of 1280 coins, the bundle includes 50x Ultra Ball, 1x Elite Charged TM, 5x Incense, and 5x Star Piece. There's also a 99-cent optional Special Research called "Roasted Berries" that'll be available during the event.

If you evolve a Tepig into Pignite and a Pignite into Emboar during this event, said Emboar will know the Exclusive Move called Blast Burn. This move is exclusive (for now) to this event.

If you take a photo with Pokemon GO's in-game camera during this event, you'll see Tepig a total of 5 times. Each photobomb with Tepig should result in the spawning of said Pokemon in the wild near your avatar immediately after said photo capture!

Again, the Tepig Community Day in Pokemon GO will take place on July 3, 2021. It'll start at 11AM local time and end at 5PM local time, regardless of where you live in the world – go get the fire pig!