Shiny Pokemon GO Ponyta temporarily easier to find!

The Shiny Galarian Ponyta is ready to roll in Pokemon GO. Today's update to the app allows the Shiny pony Pokemon to appear in the game wherever you might otherwise find a Galarian Ponyta. This includes Rapidash too, of course. This update to the game allowed the extra-sparkly horse appear right alongside Sirfetchd!

If you're looking for Galarian Form Ponyta or Galarian Form Rapidash, you'll do well to tap every single Ponyta you see in the wild, right this minute. This Pokemon will continue to be available in the game in the future, but it'll likely never have quite so common a Shiny form as it does right now.

As it is with all Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Shiny Ponyta has a boosted spawn-rate right now at launch. Each time a new Shiny Pokemon is revealed by Niantic, they give that Pokemon a far better chance of being found by your everyday average Pokemon trainer than it'd otherwise be. Once the big event launch is over, that Pokemon goes back to Normal Range likelihood of spawning in the wild – that's very rare.

The Pokemon GO Pokedex listing for Shiny Galarian Ponyta and Shiny Galarian Rapidash (and their non-shiny forms) includes the numbers 077 and 078 – Galarian counts as a form, which means you're seeing this version of Ponyta appear in the normal spot for Ponyta.

At launch, you may see Galarian Ponyta appear with the classification "Fire Horse Pokemon". If this Galarian Pokemon were classified in accordance with its listing in the games Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, it'd be called the "Unique Horn Pokemon."

Thanks to TopAssistance2 for the Galarian Shiny imagery you see at the top of this article! Thanks as well to Leelychee for the image of the Raid Ponyta! Make sure you drop down into the timeline below for additional updates to the game made this week!