Shiny Pokemon GO monsters released in surprise big bunch

Today we're taking a peek at a big bunch of Shiny Pokemon released in a very short time. These new Pokemon were revealed in part in early leaks, in part in a surprise dousing of fun overnight! Not only regular Pokemon are appearing in Shiny form, there are Shiny Shadow Pokemon today, too!

In the mix you'll find the terrifying Shiny Shadow Bedlum – so long as you beat the right Team Rocket (or GO Rocket, whatever you want to call them) grunt. A slightly more standard Pokemon can be found in this same form – Shiny Shadow Aerodactyl is out in the wild right now too – so to speak.

Like Shiny Shadow Bedlum, you'll need to beat the right Rocket grunt to have the opportunity to capture a Shiny Shadow Aerodactyl. This might be the one and only time this Pokemon is available in the game – it's rare enough on its own, much less both SHADOW form and Shiny Shadow form.

The final Shiny Shadow Pokemon out this week is the Shiny Shadow Carvanha. This one appears courtesy of a Sierra balloon, if you're looking. This deadly fish is the most wild combination of colors of the whole bunch, mind you.

You could also find Shiny Quilfish, Shiny Larvitar, Shiny Absol, Shiny Skorupi, or Shiny Deino in Strange Eggs this week. These are the red-dot eggs that need to be walked 12 KM to hatch. Appearing in the wild you'll have the opportunity to see Shiny Koffing, Shiny Quilfish, Shiny Sneasel, Shiny Houndour, and Shiny Skorupi.

Take a peek at the timeline below for other recent updates to Pokemon GO, too. It's all about the next month – this is a month of WILD and wacky updates aplenty, with all manner of Regional Pokemon in the mix!