Shiny Pokemon GO Latios and Latias raid weakness, time, notes

There's a Latias and Latios Raid session coming up in Pokemon GO, with a starting date of June 12, 2020. The Pokemon GO Latias and Latios Raid Battle event will last from 8AM (local time) on June 12 until June 15, 2020, 10PM local time. During that time, you'll have ample time to take on some of the strangest seal-looking flying Pokemon in the game – Dragon and Psychic type power!

If you're looking for the Shiny Latias, you'll find the monster not red with a blue accent, but ORANGE with GREEN accents. If you find the Shiny Latios, you wont be rolling with a Blue with a Red accent, but GREEN with ORANGE accents... so they're still the opposite of one-another.

If you're going to take on Latias, you'll want to watch out for windy conditions – that's when both Latias and Latios have boosted stats. If you're battling a Latias, you'll see one of three Fast Moves: Zen Headbutt, Dragon Breath, or Charm. Latias has three potential Charge Moves: Thunder Psychic, and Outrage.

If you're taking on either Latias or Latios, it's recommended that you drop in a raid in a team of at least three. The ideal number of trainers to beat Latias or Latios is between 3 and 5.

If you'd like to bring the biggest and best Pokemon to beat Latias, you'll want to pick one of the following: Dialga, Rayquaza, Palkia, Garchomp, Salamence, or Latios – harsh! One of the best counters against Latias is Latios with Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw. In general, it's best to use Dragon Type Pokemon against Latias AND Latios, both with Dragon Type moves.

Latios is a Dragon and Psychic type Pokemon, just like Latias, but stats are ever-so-slightly different. Where Latias is slightly more Defense-centric, Latios has a bigger focus on Attack.

Fast moves for Latios include Zen Headbutt and Dragon Breath (no Charm), and Charged Moves include Psychic (same as Latias), and two other different moves: Dragon Claw (instead of Outrage, both Dragon type), and Solar Beam. The odd move out for Latios is that Plant type move Solar Beam – massively powerful against Pokemon weak against Plant type moves.

If you're looking to roll up against Latios, you'll want to pick Dialga, Rayquaza, Palkia, Garchomp, Salamence (this list looking familiar?) or Dragonite! Where one of Latias' biggest enemies is Latios, Latios has Dragonite as a most-powerful foe. Again, all of these best-to-beat Pokemon to head off Latias and Latios are best with Dragon Type moves.

Remember to take on these monsters with friends – and make sure you're STILL keeping your social distance from one-another. COVID-19 is still out there, and you can still catch it, and you can definitely still die. No Shiny Pokemon is worth dying for – even that ruby Gyarados!