Shiny Pokemon GO event today: Cranidos, Shieldon, Dialga, Porygon

Starting today, the 23rd of July, 2021, Pokemon GO has an event running courtesy of the Ultra Unlock series during Pokemon GO Fest 2021. The first event is Ultra Unlock Part 1: Time, and it runs from today until August 3, 2021, at 8PM local time. The idea here is that Pokemon from what appear to be "various eras" will pop up in the wild, in raid battles, and in 7km eggs. That means we've got everything from Omanyte (ancient, very old), to Porygon (super futuristic).

The Shiny Pokemon potential in this event is massive. New Shiny Pokemon include Shiny Cranidos, Shiny Rampardos, Shiny Shieldon, and Shiny Bastiondon. There's also a Shiny Dialga (the Temporal Pokemon), as well as an array of potentially Shiny monsters in the wild and in eggs.

Every single Pokemon in 7km eggs and appearing in the wild in Pokemon Go during this event has the potential to be Shiny. This is not always true. Many Pokemon in the game have no Shiny version (yet), and therefore have no potential to appear Shiny in the wild, in eggs, or after raid battles.

It just so happens that every single Pokemon taking part in this special event has been released as a potentially Shiny Pokemon in the past. The spawn rate of any given Shiny Pokemon changes depending on the event and whether or not they are featured during said event.

In this case, it's entirely possible that the whole lot of Pokemon available as a wild spawn or in 7km eggs or raids have a greater potential to be a Shiny Pokemon than they would outside of this event. So NOW is the time to go after your favorite Pokemon to see if you can kick out a Shiny.

Appearing in 7km eggs during this event are Shieldon, Cranidos, Kabuto, Anorith, Omanyte, Aerodactyl, and Lileep. Appearing in the wild as wild spawn Pokemon are Shieldon, Magnemite, Cranidos, Voltorb, Bedlum, Porygon, Anorith, Lileep, Baltoy, and Kabuto.

We're taking a peek at this event throughout this event this weekend, from the 23rd of July to August 3, 2021 in our @TeamPokemonGO Twitter right now. Tap in here and in the timeline below for more information on this and both past and future events in the Pokemon GO universe.