Shiny Pokemon GO appearances for March 2021

We're running down the known list of new Shiny Pokemon appearing in Pokemon GO this month, starting today, March 1, 2021. The first Shiny Pokemon that'll appear in a special event in Pokemon GO is Incarnate Forme Landorus! This Pokemon will appear in five-star raids starting on March 1, 2021 (today), and lasting until Saturday March 6th, 2021.

We're talking storm on storm this month with Shiny Pokemon appearing in the first three weeks with Incarnate Forme Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus. The Incarnate Forme Tornadus will start appearing on March 6, 2021, right after the Landorus raids disappear. That'll be at 8AM local time, no matter where you live.

Five-star raids from March 6 to March 11 will feature Incarnate Forme Tornadus. During this span of time, this Pokemon will have the potential to appear as a Shiny version of itself after trainers beat said Pokemon in battle.

The same is true of Incarnate Forme Thundurus, which begins to appear starting on March 11 and continuing to appear until March 16, 2021. After that, Therian Form Pokemon begin to appear in raids – but they will NOT likely be Shiny.

Starting on March 9, users will find a whole lot of Nosepass in the wild. Shiny Nosepass will be a lot more common than usual throughout the event. This event lasts until March 14, 2021.

Other Shiny Pokemon may appear this month, but the few we've mentioned above will have significantly increased spawn rates or chances to appear after raid battles. It is during events like these that it's most likely you'll be able to find one of these Shiny Pokemon. This is only part of the puzzle this month, too – a whole bunch of events are rolling out and we're taking a peek at the lot of them. Drop down into the timeline of links below to learn more about everything that's about to happen in Pokemon GO in the month of March, 2021.