Shinoda reveals 145-inch plasma display

Wow! This thing is huge! Shinoda Plasma Corporation has decided to continue to push the plasma format and one up themselves with their latest prototype, that is really rather impressive. Measuring in at 145-inches, this display is actually six separate displays combined to create one big screen.

Each mini display measures in at 1m by 1m or 39.4-inches squared. They are arranged three by two and create this 145-inch monster. The display's resolution is rather low, however, at only 960 x 720, so that's kind of disappointing.

Weighing just 16-pounds, this display does point to the possibility of large yet light weight screens in the future. It can avoid the bulk because of its 1mm super thinness. Plus, the display is coated in glass, making it flexible and curved. We have no idea when this display would be released or how much it would cost, but you could pretty much bet on it being expensive.