Shinobii Technology unveils Wii ping-pong paddle controller

Shane McGlaun - Oct 18, 2010
Shinobii Technology unveils Wii ping-pong paddle controller

Wii gamers have all sorts of accessories and controllers for various sports games that allow the user more realism when playing. You can get gloves for boxing games, golf clubs, bats, and all sorts of other peripherals. The thing most of them have in common is that they are designed to hold the basic Wii remote inside for actually controlling the action on screen.

Shinobii has unveiled a new controller for Wii gamers that like ping-pong or table tennis. The new controller is called the TT Championship Bat. The controller has the weigh, look, and feel of a real ping-pong paddle and has the hardware inside the paddle to interact with the Wii.

The integrated hardware inside the paddle works with MotionPlus games without needing to use the actual Wii Remote or MotionPlus accessory. The controller will be offered in the EU and USA for $69.99 and will ship soon.

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