Shelby GT350 gets a HUD with a shift light for the track

One of the coolest cars that Ford has ever produced is the new Shelby GT350 that is set to hit dealerships in the coming months. We already know all there is to know about the car with Ford having announced the power output of the GT350's flat plane crank V8 engine. If you missed that announcement, the engine makes 526hp and 429 lb-ft of torque. Ford has now announced something really cool and that is a heads up display with a shift light.

The feature is called the Performance Shift Light Indicator and it has three user selectable modes that are aimed at different use scenarios. The three models include track, tach, and drag mode. Track mode is made for road racers and has a line of amber lights that move in a straight line from the outside to inside as you reach your shift point.

Tach mode is aimed at everyday driving and has the amber lights moving sequentially from left to right along with engine revs. Drag mode is for drag racing and has the lights flashing repeatedly when the correct RPM is reached. In drag and track modes the driver can select the shift point.

The shift light can be turned off entirely and the driver can control how bright the lights appear. This is a great feature for people who plan to race their GT350. Shift lights are a commonly added accessory in the aftermarket and having a factory shift light that is right in the drivers field of view makes it unnecessary to take the eyes off the road or track to see what RPM the car is at.