She blinded me with Steins of Science (and beer)

Shane McGlaun - Dec 31, 2010
She blinded me with Steins of Science (and beer)

Science is one of the subjects that tends to have a lot of dry, boring subject material spiced a bit with some really cool stuff. The Steins of Science certainly fall into that really cool stuff category. A science geek devised to create the ultimate beer drinking steins and to do so they used heavy-duty beakers from a science lab.

The things are made out of dual layers of silvered glass that has a vacuum between them that is 100,000 times more powerful than a thermos and some are stainless steel too. That science means that your beer will stay nice and frosty for you. That my friend is science we can all be proud of.

The steins come in a variety of sizes from 11.8-ounce, to a tall 22.5-ounce version, or to the pro drunkards gallon size stein. These things are not cheap though. A 665ml offering will cost you $340 and the big daddy 1900ml unit is $400.

Via Thrillist

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