Shazam looks to access camera for more context

If you find yourself looking to Shazam for song recognition routinely,you already know how capable it is. The listening app is typically pretty adept at finding that song you can't quite place, and even makes itself aware of what certain TV commercials are talking about. Instead of just listening, Shazam might also want to take a look at what is going on. Show Shazam what you're looking at through your phone's camera, and you might get a wealth of info.

As CEO Rich Riley tell Reuters, the team at Shazam has big ideas. 'Shazam' a box of food, and you might get nutritional info (though you could also just turn the box to the side). Scan a DVD case, and Shazam may offer you the soundtrack via a streaming service, or to buy.

Riley also says accessing the camera would give Shazam "lots of flexibility" for monetization. After securing another $30 million earlier this year, Shazam could make finding things visually a goldmine. Let Shazam take a peek at that box of food, and you may get a coupon.

Shazam already has 100 million users, and adding functionality might just bring in more. It would also likely have the 100 million already interested more involved.

As for when this might roll out? Riley wasn't forthcoming with those details. If they can make it contextually important day-to-day, though, we'd like to see it sooner rather than later.

Source: Reuters