Shazam iPhone update brings simplification

Chris Burns - Feb 10, 2014
Shazam iPhone update brings simplification

An update to the Shazam app for iPhone this week adds a bit more content-led action to the ecosystem while the entire layout earns a much more simplified look. This update to the system is part of what the Chief Product Officer at Shazam, Daniel Danker, suggests makes Shazam much more in-tune with its goals: simplicity in design and consumer experience. In other words – Shazam doesn’t do one whole heck of a lot more between yesterday and today, but it’s a lot easier to understand what it does do.

Users will be working with a look for the app that makes it easier to access music and television results, this therefor allowing the previewing and purchasing of media easier as well. Sharing has become more central, while Shazam’s recommendations engine is now (or at least has been all along and they’re just reminding us) entirely unique to this app.

This update also brings on quick access to lyrics as well as a full preview of the track of music you’ve attempted to access once its been identified. Users are given instant access to music videos as well as additional videos related to the song as well.

Shazam’s latest update works with both the free and Encore versions of the iPhone. You’ll find the Auto Shazam system in full effect for full media identification as well as the News Feed. Shazam’s News Feed works with information on their favorite shows, artists, and discoveries made by their friends.

While this update hits the iPhone today, Android devices will have to wait – “in the coming weeks” is what we’ve got for now.

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