Shazam, Gimbal partner for location-based music suggestions

Shazam has officially announced a really exciting project that will could you in the right mood, at the right time, no matter what. The music-finding and suggestion service has included the Gimbal SDK, which will bring you location-based recommendations. Using Gimbal's impressive proximity awareness features, Shazam will be able to tell where you are, and recommend the appropriate musical soundtrack. Shazam CEO Rich Riley said it was a way for his company to "connect our users with the world around them."

Gimbal is an industry leader in beacon technology, and has partnerships with several stadiums and arena to better serve attendees. Of the partnership, Gimbal CEO Rocco Fabiano said "By incorporating Gimbal into their platform, Shazam and their partner brands will be able to deliver even better experiences to their millions of users, based on each user's individual interests and proximity."

Gimbal and other beacon tech providers utilize Bluetooth to find your phone's location, providing you with contextual, timely messages and content. With several small devices hidden out of sight, a store such as Macy's can provide information (even discounts!) on items you're near.

Beacon tech like Gimbal is also supposed to be seamlessly integrated into your life. If you've ever been to an Apple Store and enjoyed the self-checkout feature, you've used Gimbal — even if you didn't realize it!

Shazam's use of Gimbal's SDK represents "the largest deployment of proximity technology in a mobile application to date."

Music plays a central role in the lives of many, so working Gimbal's SDK into their product is sensible for Shazam. Besides, who wants to hear Mozart when their team is winning at the half?

Source: Shazam