Shazam gets new UI on iOS, browser tool for Mac and Chromebooks

Music ID app Shazam has received an updated design on iOS, giving fans a sleek new interface that makes it easier to discover new music. In addition, the company is now testing a beta version of its tool for desktop browsers, though it is only available on Chromebooks and Mac at this time with support for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Shazam, of course, is the app that lets anyone identify a song that is playing by holding up their phone and pressing a button. The product was acquired by Apple a couple of years ago, so it's no surprise that its platform has been given priority over Windows and Android.

The updated iOS app features a new UI that removes the clutter, brings the ID button into focus, and enables users to access their saved music by swiping up. Users will notice that notifications have changed for things like offline song ID failures and missed attempts.

As well, according to Engaget, the updated app has received an improved integration with Apple Music and Spotify. For example, deleting songs from Apple Music won't result in them being re-added. Likewise, Shazam on iOS can also sync more songs with both streaming destinations.

As mentioned, Shazam has also launched a beta song-recognition tool for desktop web browsers, but you can only access it on Mac at this time. The tool is available for Chrome OS, as well, according to the report, but it's unclear when it will arrive for Windows PCs.