Shazam expands TV service in the US including any show on any channel

Shazam has made some interesting announcements today with a new service, and the company has had a new milestone. Shazam notes that it has reached a major milestone and exceeded a quarter of a billion users globally on it service. More interestingly, the company has expanded its Shazam for TV second screen application service in the US.

The Shazam for TV service now supports any TV show in the United States on any channel. The app will now give users access to cast details and photos, music in the show, celebrity gossip, trivia, celebrity tweets, and links to additional information about the show they're watching. The app also allows the ability to instantly share and comment on the show or episode via Facebook and twitter.

The Shazam application featured music system uses the over 20 million-track database Shazam boasts to identify music featured in whatever show people are watching. The idea is if you hear a song in your favorite show that you like you can identify the song and purchase. The cast information aspect of the app will identify actors in the episode and tell users other programs that actor has been in.

The trivia section of the app offer fans the ability to learn more about the show and occasional behind-the-scenes goofs. Users will also be of the get more information about show using links to Wikipedia and more. If you're watching a sporting event, the details offered will include things such as stats, scores, and schedules instead of cast information. The application is available for Android, the iPhone, and just about every other smartphone out there.