Sharp Quattron-based 3D TV Introduced, 60-Inches of Increased Brightness

This year's proving a good year for in-home 3D TVs. Sharp, which has yet to make a real splash in the market, has just pulled the curtain off their brand new 3D TV, which features their Quattron technology. If that sounds familiar, it should. It was formerly known as QuadPixel, and it's meant to expand the colors displayed on your set, while also increasing the overall brightness. In essence, it's supposed to make the picture you're looking at so much better.

At its most basic level, Quattron technology adds yellow, to the already stalwart blue, green, and red hues used in traditional televisions. What this does, is make the colors on the screen far more "realistic," while expanding them. It also increases the brightness by an estimated 1.8 times, when compared to other non-Quattro-fused sets. The TV is 3D-ready, and like most of the competition out there, you'll need 3D Active Shutter glasses to take advantage of it.

The 3D TV will be an Internet-ready set, featuring Aquos Net Plus, which will let you access things like Flickr and YouTube. Additionally, it will utilize Sharp's Super Edge LED backlighting. There's talk that a US-based launch could happen in the future, but an announcement of that sort will probably come in time with CES 2011, this January. As for the UK? Word has it that it will cost the equivalent to $5,385. Certainly not as bad as it could be, especially considering it's 60-inches.

[via Electronista]