Sharp LR388G9 chip supports dual screen mobile devices

Shane McGlaun - Jul 28, 2010
Sharp LR388G9 chip supports dual screen mobile devices

We have all seen the concepts and products that have two screens rather than a screen and a keyboard. There have been several of them turn up over the last several months. Sharp has developed a new chip called the LR388G9 that might make these dual screen concepts a reality.

The new chip supports two displays on one device with a resolution of 1024 x 480 each. The same chip can support full HD output to a larger screen or projector in the living room via an HDMI cable. The new chip is an update to the LR388D8 chip unveiled last month supporting two screens with 864 x 480 resolution.

Sharp intends to peddle the chip to builders of smartphones and eBook readers as well. Don’t be surprised if the same chip shows up in digital photo frames and netbooks. This might be the chip that swanky dual screen XO laptop concept needs. The chips are already sampling and are about $27.60 each.

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