Sharp LC-32GP3U LCD TVs for gamers

James Allan Brady - Dec 11, 2007

Oh, add onto the end of that model number another hyphen (-) and your choice of B, R, or W for Black, Red Wine, or White which are your bezel color choices (are they really marketing to gamers with colors like Red Wine?). They are apparently very bright and offer a 176 degree viewing angle.

They could have the brightness of the sun and a 344 degree viewing angle and I still wouldn’t pay $1600 for a 32-inch LCD TV. The backlighting will supposedly last for 60,000 hours, which is good considering if I were to buy one I’d be stuck with it till it did wear out just for posterity.

So, if you have a game console, this wouldn’t be a bad choice for an LCD TV, but if it were me, I’d go with a larger DLP for a lot less dough, sure the viewing angles and brightness on DLP’s suck unless they are in the dark, but I like gaming in the dark more anyways. By the way, just for reference, I did a quick Google products search, and without even sorting to find the cheapest, the top result was a respectable JVC 32” LCD from Circuit City for $649.99.

Sharp LCD TVs for Gamers [via ubergizmo]

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