Sharp Launching Aquos Line of Internet Desktops

The first in the line is the PC-AX30v with a 1.6GHz Celeron processor, 1GB of DDR2, and a 160GB HDD. That's perfect for not doing much more than surfing the internet on and storing media one.

The second is the PC-AX80V which has the same specs but adds a TV tuner and HDMI input. This brings the desktop line even closer to being fully integrated into your home theater.

The third and final model is the PC-AZ120v, its packing some heat with a 1.66GHz Intel C2D T5500 and a 250GB HDD. Pass that, all the models have card readers, DL DVD-R/RW drives, HDM/VGA out, Firewire, and USB 2.0. Tack onto that the really nice looking media remote and the wireless keyboard with a touch-pad built into it and you quite clearly have a desktop system that is tailored to connect to your TV and act as a computer, but in your home theater. No word on price, but they should be out in the next couple months.

Sharp launches new Internet Aquos desktop PC's [via gadgettastic]