Sharp drops two new phones in Japan, 820SH and 821SH

James Allan Brady - Dec 5, 2007

Other than the 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, and 2MP cam there isn’t much interesting about this pair of devices other than their MBP-like appeal. The 821SH is the silver-ish looking one, and would probably match your MacBook Pro perfectly.

They are both made of Stainless steel and feature 1Seg TV access and recording as well as a microSD card slot for storing that recorded media on. It will fit up to a 2GB card, so those 1Seg streams better be small in size.

These are also a couple of the first phones to receive the blessing of the S! Music Connect download service, which sells music in WMA format, which is good since that’s just about all the Sharp devices can play. So, if you have been wondering all through this article what the difference between the two is, thinness and color options, the 820SH is .53 inches thick and comes in blue, black, red, white, gold, and green, meanwhile the 821SH is a flat .5 inches thick and comes in your choice of deeper hues of red, green, purple, silver, cyan, and brown. Get one if you are in Japan, no word on price, but you can pick them up at Softbank.

Sharp 820SH, 821SH phones debut in Japan [via electronista]

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