Sharp develops massive 156-screen immersion system

When it comes to being more immersed in any sort of content the larger the screen the easier it is. This is why a flick on a gigantic IMAX screen is so much cooler than a similar flick on a smaller screen in your local theater. Sharp has developed a new and very cool multi screen display system that makes the whole room into a giant display. The screen is installed in a theme park called Huis Ten Bosch Co. Ltd.

The display system puts the screens on the floor, walls and ceilings and it takes 156 of the screens to make the attraction work. Each of those panels is 60-inches in size and they are Sharp PN-V601 screens. The attraction is called the 5D Miracle Tour and it looks interesting. Visitors don't get to walk on the floor screens, from the rendering it appears that the viewers stand at railings behind the room.

The front wall, floor, and ceiling each have 36 monitors on them each and the sidewalls use 24 monitors. The official release says that the finished effect surround the viewing in a giant seamless display. The rendering hardly looks seamless; perhaps the real thing has less of a seam. This looks like an interesting attraction; I can see people, crowding in to see underwater views and other types of movies. It's too bad the screens aren't strong enough to stand on, it would be really cool to stand in the middle of that room.

[via Akihabara News]