Sharp BDXL 100GB Blu-ray discs land in Japan

Shane McGlaun - Jul 16, 2010
Sharp BDXL 100GB Blu-ray discs land in Japan

We mentioned last month at the BDXL specifications for 100GB and 128GB Blu-ray discs had been finalized. Sharp is the first company to offer media that supports the new specifications. The discs will land first in Japan.

Akihabara News reports that Sharp had a press conference to unveil the new discs recently and the media can store 100GB when using three layers and 128GB when using four layers. The media will only work for now in the Sharp BD-HDW700 Blu-ray recorder/player.

That is a lot of storage capacity for a single disc for sure. The BDXL media will be offered in BDXL-R and BDXL-RE for the 128GB capacity with the 100GB version only being offered in a rewritable disc. The things will be in Japanese stores on the 30th at 5000 yen each.

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