Sharp AQUOS Freestyle battery-powered HDTV is truly wireless

Normally when thinking about portable TVs, you think about tiny screens and bulky plastic – not so in the case of Sharp's AQUOS Freestyle line. All three televisions can display full 1080p video via a wireless base station, but the smallest – and in this case, the most interesting – can run even without a power cable. The 20-inch HDTV includes a built-in battery.

It's a simple concept that Sharp has paired with features that make it truly useful. A carrying handle and kickstand make it easy to move and set up, and support from Sharp's remote hardware make it easy enough to get content to the screen from close range. The base station connects to the television via its own private WiFi connection, and can handle video from standard HDMI or RGB inputs.

The larger 32-inch, 42-inch and 60-inch models retain the low weight, handles and kickstands that make the smaller Freestyle so handy, but don't have batteries and require the standard AC connection. It isn't an ideal solution, since the battery is only rated for two hours – but that should be enough to find a power outlet. Sharp doesn't have any plans to release the Freestyle televisions in North America at the moment, but they'll be available in Japan soon, and enough consumer interest could lead them to expand their markets.