Sharp and frog team for Feel UX Android UI

When it comes to user interfaces laid over the top of the Android operating system, you're likely to get mixed feelings. A nice user interface can make things look better and could possibly even make a smartphone or tablet easier-to-use. However, often these user interfaces are also responsible for delaying Android updates because the UI has to be tweaked as well. Sharp partnered with a design company called frog on a new Android user interface called Feel UX.

Feel UX will launch later this summer and will be part of the new Android experience on Sharp's coming Aquos smartphones. The user-interface will feature personalized lock screens with the ability to browse photos and widgets without unlocking the device. Other features will include a real-time weather display, gender-neutral colors, and a streamlined and curated home screen focused on easy management of apps, widgets, and shortcuts among other things.

Smartphones running Feel UX will launch first in Japan this summer. There is no indication from Sharp at this time when devices running the new user interface might surface in the US or Europe. Check out the video below to see the user interface for yourself.

[via TheNextWeb]