Sharkoon unveils new DarkGlider and Drakonia gaming mice

Sharkoon is a company that makes a wide range of computer accessories and peripherals ranging from mice and keyboards to computer cases. The company has announced a pair of new gaming nice along with other gaming accessories. The most interesting products the company has announced are the gaming mice.

The game mice include the DarkGlider and Drakonia. The DarkGlider gaming mouse has a matte black surface and uses a laser sensor supporting up to 6000 dpi. The mouse has 256 kB of onboard memory allowing profiles for specific games to be bound to the mouse and saved with no need for software drivers. It has 10 programmable buttons and a programmable four-way scroll wheel.

On the bottom of the mouse are five ceramic slide pads for friction free mousing, and the mouse has a little LCD screen to show the sensitivity setting it's at. The mouse appears to be a right-hand only design. The Drakonia is a laser mouse that has 11 programmable buttons and LEDs that show DPI setting. It supports up to 5000 dpi sensitivity setting and has an adjustable weight cartridge.

This mouse is a right-hand design only and has a rubberized surface for extra grip that reminds me of fish scales. The company also has a number of new mouse pads, and other products aimed at gamers. Pricing for the new gaming mice is unknown at this time.