Shapify adds a new dimension to selfies with 3D printing

Shapify has ushered in the new era of the selfie, making it simple for interested folks to have their own 3D-printed self for perching on a desk or as the coolest action figure ever. The service allows those with a Kinect sensor to snap a couple of selfies, upload them, and get a 3D-printed replica in the mail a short while later.

Shapify is the result of Artec Group, and brings 3D printing down to the consumer level, making the digital aspect an at-home process and taking the 3D-printing work offsite. Once printed, the figures are sent by post to the buyer's address like any other product. There are a few limitations, however.

The service can only be used by those who have a Kinect for the computer, which is utilized for taking the images that create a 3D by-product. You'll need at least Windows 7 x64-bit or Windows 8, as well as 4GB or more of RAM, Intel Core i3 or higher, and audio speakers (plus Internet + USB, but those are obvious).

You can check out a video on the company's website detailing the process in simple animation, where there is also a gallery of printed self-figurines that give an idea of quality. Those who decide to give the service a try will need to download software, hence the Windows requirement — there's a promise that Mac support is on the way.