Shagtastic '70s custom Ford Econoline hits auction

One of the more interesting automotive trends in the 1970s was custom vans. These vans typically had fancy paint on the exterior and interiors that were more like rolling living rooms than cars. An extremely clean custom van has turned up on eBay that fits right into the 70s era. The van is a 1974 Ford Econoline with only 873 original miles.

The van is mostly black complete with brown and yellow custom airbrushing on the sides. It also has custom side pipes and mag-style wheels. As interesting as the van's exterior is, it's the interior that will grab your attention. The interior is completely customized and in all of its 1970s glory.

The interior has lots of shag carpet covering nearly every square inch. The carpet appears to be gray and black, and it has a rear platform suitable for a mattress that's also covered in shag. Directly behind the driver seat is a black Formica cabinet with a mini-refrigerator and storage space to its left.

The cabinet has vertical spires that connect the cabinet to the ceiling adorned with red, white, and blue plastic ornaments. In the front are a pair of captain's chairs covered in a large houndstooth pattern in black-and-white. The dash and instruments are in a brown color, which appears to be the original color for the vehicle.

The dash has its original AM/FM/8 track tape player and a single oval speaker. The engine is a Ford 302 cubic inch V-8 using a single two-barrel carburetor paired with a three-speed manual. With such low miles for a van from the early 70s, you have to wonder what kind of condition the engine is in. The seller admits a small amount of white smoke comes out of the passenger side pipe, meaning the van might need a little work. It's on eBay, and currently, the high bid is $25,100, but the reserve isn't met. The auction has a little over five days left as of writing.