Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay revealed: Peruvian PS4 play in effect

This morning we're getting a look at the latest in Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay. This video was recorded on a PlayStation 4 Pro, or so PlayStation suggests. This is a PS Underground video, after all, and there's no true way of knowing what's up until we get the opportunity to play the game on our own, on our own hardware. In this video, Lara Croft begins her quest in an underwater swim-off the likes of which will remind you of your all-time favorite Alien movie, Alien Resurrection!

Lara Croft is one of a precious few characters we can track back in time, game-to-game, to see how far the gaming industry's come in the past decade. From a blocky triangle-faced bit of nonsense to the strikingly realistic woman you see before you, Lara Croft's gone the distance. In the video below you'll see what she's become.

In this video Ms. Croft's gone to Peru to hunt for treasure. Indiana Jones wasn't available for comment, as he was off hunting down the carbonite-encased Han Solo in a Star Wars Legends tale the likes of which you've never seen before. Unless you're a fan of the comic book series Star Wars Tales.

BACK on subject here with Tomb Raider, we've got a video with a Rated Mature warning on it. That means Blood, Gore, Intense Violence, and Strong Language. In this gameplay you'll find a very clean-looking game in which all over-screen words and statistics are removed until needed. That's not unique to this game, but in this game it looks and feels particularly adept.

In this game you'll have to solve puzzles and take out enemies and watch out for wild animals. In those respects, it's not all that different from what's come before. The differences come in the story, the fidelity of the gameplay, and the way in which you're allowed to progress.

Preferences and Settings allow users to "modify the difficulty of puzzles, traversal, and combat separately." So you'll find yourself adjusting in a granular way – for good times had by all.

This game is said to roll with many challenges, including "the jungle, the apocalypse, and [Lara Croft's] heavy concience." Shadow of the Tomb Raider launches on PlayStation 4 on September 14th, 2018.