Sex offender busted leaving the Apple Store after using display computer to get onto Facebook

This qualifies as a feel-good story in my option. A registered sex offender named Robert Nicholas McGuire was busted last week for violation of parole. McGuire was apparently spotted downtown in San Luis Obispo by detectives on the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement team. One of the detectives recognized McGuire from a former child pornography case and followed the suspect into the Apple Store.

McGuire began to use one of the display computers on the show floor to access Facebook. One of the officers walked up beside McGuire to use the computer next to the one McGuire was using. The officer logged onto the Megan's Law website and verified that a condition of McGuire's probation was that he not log onto the internet.

After McGuire left the Apple Store, the detectives arrested him outside and carted the man off to jail. McGuire is now being held with no bail on suspicion of violating his parole. It's more than a little funny to me that the criminal was using a computer right next to the detective to violate his parole.