Sewell unveils cool HDdeck to convert USB to HDMI

If you have a notebook or other computer that lacks an HDMI output and you are really hankering to get the content from the computer onto the big screen in your living room, Sewell has the perfect adapter for you. The adapter is called the HDdeck USB to HDMI adapter and it is part number SW-31000.

The cool adapter will work with any computer including Mac and Windows machines. The adapter is an external video card that can take input from your computer via USB and convert that to output that can be sent to a HDMI port on your TV. The adapter makes it easy to connect your Pc to a TV for HTPC duties or watching things like Hulu on a larger screen.

Inside the HDdeck adapter is a DisplayLink chip for video performance with enough bandwidth for smooth and stutter free video. The device has enough power to support video games as well. Sewell says that up to six of the adapters can be connected at one time to make a video wall. The adapter supports up to 1080p resolution with 16 and 32-bit color. You can order the adapter right now for $99.95.