Sewel USB to DVI adapter adds more external display to your laptop

Ever wanted to use two external monitors on your laptop? Sewell has a solution for you, the SW-8601 USB to DVI display adapter. It goes up to 1400 x 1050 resolution with features such as resumes from hibernation, suspend modes, hot-plug, and 128MB video ram.

The USB to DVI supports up to two USB display adapters to work simultaneously so you can have not only an additional external monitors but two additional external monitors (well it will be three if you include built-in video output on your laptop).

On the specs sheet, it does not seems to support Mac OSX which is really disappointing as I'm looking for a solution to get two external monitor setup on my Macbook Pro. However, if you own a PC laptop, then this is one of the best solutions around for a price tag of $119.95.

USB to DVI Adapter Adds Second Display to Your Laptop [via chipchick]