Seton Hall University freshmen to receive free Lumia 900

How times have changed. Once upon a time a tote bag filled with university info and offers was shoved into your arms, but now it seems students are given smartphones instead. Freshmen entering Seton Hall University in New Jersey will be handed a Nokia Lumia 900 when they arrive at the institution. It's an extensive of an exisiting initiative that the university has in place, with laptops being handed out to students since 1997.

Why the Lumia 900 and Windows Phone? The university relies heavily on Microsoft's ecosystem right now, so David Middleton, Executive Director of the Center for Mobile Research and Innovation at Seton Hall, believes that Nokia's smartphone makes the most sense. Most notably, the phone integrates with Office and has some key social features such as Social Hub. The university also wanted hardware that could take some abuse from students, and apparently the Lumia 900's unibody polycarbonate is up to the task.

On top of the phone, new students will be provided with a SHUMobile app, which will provide access to campus maps in addition to news. Freshmen will be able to connect with existing students and roommates using the app at Freshmen orientation. The LTE network on campus isn't up and running just yet, but AT&T is working hard to make sure it'll be ready soon. When it is, students will get pre-paid access to AT&T and the LTE network during the first semester for free.

[via Nokia Conversations]