Sesame Street flash drives look like characters and have videos installed

I bet just about everyone knows Sesame Street and has watched the show as a kid, with their kids, or has at least watched the Katy Perry YouTube video where she runs around with Elmo that was banned from the kids show over too much boobage. If you have a kido that is a big fan of some of the Sesame Street characters a new line of flash drives that look like the characters is now shipping.

There are seven different flash drives and they are shipped like the face of Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Abby, Big Bird, and Grover with one that looks like the Sesame Street Logo. Each has a wearable strap so kids can wear them around. The drives have enough storage to hold 400 photos, songs, printable content, and it comes with a full-length home video of each character.

The videos include The Best of Elmo, Abby in Wonderland, Big Bird's Do the Alphabet, Bert and Ernie's Word Play, Cookie Monster's Best Bites, A Celebration of Me: Grover, or Sesame Street's 25th Anniversary: A Musical Celebration. You can pick up all of the special flash drives on Amazon and at other online stores for about $30 each.