SensorWake alarm clock lets you wake up to smells of your choice

Having to wake up early in the morning sucks, and it doesn't matter whether your alarm is a loud buzzing noise, or music of your choice from your smartphone. But the SensorWake alarm clock at least wants to wake you up differently: by smell instead of sound. Currently on Kickstarter with a goal or raising $55,000, the SensorWake lets users choose the scent they'd like to wake them up, from the smell of coffee to chocolate, thanks to changeable and reusable cartridges.

The alarm works by timing the release of the aroma of your choice with what time you want to get up. A hatch opens and a fragrance is released until you wake up, using dry-diffusion technology like an espresso machine. While that may sound like exactly the opposite of getting woken up at a specific time, SensorWake says they have conducted tests that show 99% of users wake up within 2 minutes. In the event of a truly deep sleep — or just a stuffy nose — a backup sound alarm will go off if a button isn't pressed within 3 minutes.

Scents have been created with Givaudan, a world-famous fragrance manufacturer in Switzerland. The variety of choices includes chocolate, black vanilla, coffee, fresh croissants, seaside, tea tree extract, and even money (whatever that smells like). No word yet on if we'll be able to wake to the smell victory.

Those who choose to back the Kickstarter early can get a SensorWake for about $65, including two fragrance capsules of their choice. The capsules can be used up to 60 times and are recyclable when finished. New ones will cost about $7.50. The first orders are said to be delivered in November.

SOURCE Kickstarter